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You are here: > Store > Mylow Magnet Motor Plans

Mylow Magnet Motor Plans
Versions 1.1, 2.0 and 2.1

Version 1.1

Version 2.0

Version 2.1

Shortcut URL: 

A concise and clear set of instructions of how to build a (hopefully) working all-magnet motor as described by Mylow, who is the first person we know of who has allegedly replicated Howard Johnson’s Stonehenge model from three decades ago. This document is an adjunct to the open source project at, where the plans may be found, though not as concise or clear as here.

NOTICE: On May 18, 2009 some hidden fish lines were discovered in the videos shown April 29-May3. It turns out his earlier videos were all faked as well. (See story)

ARCHIVE Page Contents:
Video • Description • About the Author • Why I Believed This was Real • Download • Newsletter • Contact • See also


High-Resolution versions of some of these videos are also available to download, for a fee to cover bandwidth+.

The Version 1.1 manual describes how to make the all-magnet motor shown in this video.

(7:47 minutes, with annotations by Sterling)
Mylow's all-magnet motor video taken April 3, 2009.  For a context, see our Apr. 3 coverage at PESN.

* * * * *

The Version 2.0 manual describes how to make the all-magnet motor shown in the following video.

(9:53 minutes)
Mylow's all-magnet motor video taken April 29, 2009.  For a context, see our Apr. 30 coverage at PESN.

This motor is also shown running in reverse on May 30. (Story)  The motor is also shown on a glass table May 2. (Story)  Then again on a glass table on May 3. (Story)

High-Resolution versions of these videos are also available to download.

* * * * *

The Version 2.1 manual describes how to make the all-magnet motor shown in the following video in which the motor appears to run using just six bar magnets on the rotor, using magnets that we sent him which are readily available in today's market.

Mylow's all-magnet motor video taken May 13, 2009.  For a context, see our May. 13 coverage at PESN.


Version 1.1

On March 17, 2009, in an ongoing video series he was posting about his Howard Johnson all-magnet motor (“ Stonehenge ” model) replication attempt, Mylow posted a video showing his motor accelerating then reaching an equilibrium speed – something that modern physics would say is impossible.  He said he was showing the world how to do this, encouraging others to replicate and improve on what he had done.

This manual sets forth the information he has conveyed to us through a series of videos, emails, and phone conversations; as well as information gleaned from a few individuals who have already begun to seek to replicate Mylow’s magnet motor.

Mylow121363 (later projectmagma, then magnetmotor1) is the YouTube username of a Chicago inventor who for now wishes to keep his identity anonymous.  We just call him “Mylow”.  More information on this project can be found on our project site, which Mylow has approved to be designated the “official website”:  That is a shortcut domain that will take you to, which is a publicly editable website, where you are invited to join with us in this exciting venture.

We are hopeful that these plans will result in a working magnet motor, though it is still too early to certify that this is actually the case. As more time goes by and people have not yet been able to replicate his work, we are less optimistic that this will be an easy task. Getting the proper configuration of magnets with the substitute magnets has proven to be quite difficult. Please let us know if you have been able to build a working magnet motor using these plans. Let us know of anything that might need to be corrected, updated, clarified, etc. Our contact information can be found at the end of this manual as well as on the contact page of our websites. After we’ve verified a working set of plans, we can give more specifics, and eventually make a kit available.

We expect that magnet motors can provide non-polluting, 24/7/365 continuous output with no fuel requirement; can be made portable, and can be made governable.  In short, they could eventually replace every motor and engine application presently on the market at a price point that is much cheaper than existing technologies.

By open sourcing this design at, we hope to accelerate the emergence of this disruptive technology into the marketplace in the myriad of sizes and applications.  This can create millions of jobs and make energy affordable and available to every corner of the earth: land, sea and sky.  We do ask for a 3% royalty on all commercial developments, to be split three ways between Mylow, Howard Johnson’s heirs and assigns, and PES Network, Inc. for the administration and promulgation of this technology.

This set of plans is called “Version 1.1” because it is not based on the very first motor Mylow demonstrated on March 17, which used an alnico (originally said to be iron) stator magnet that rapidly demagnetized.  Rather, these plans are based on the more powerful alnico stator magnet that Mylow installed on his system on April 1, 2009.  After reviewing this manual on April 5, Mylow wrote: “These plans are ok.”

Download Mylow Magnet Motor Manual

Version 2.0

After much controversy and skepticism, on the evening of April 29, 2009m Mylow once again astonished us with yet another video, this one being composed of bar magnets on the rather than channel magnets around the rotor disc.  This one appears to have more power.  The next day he showed it running in reverse.  Then on May 3 he displayed it running on a glass table.  And the videos (backup) keep coming.

This set of plans is called “Version 2.0” because it is a significant step forward from the very first motor Mylow demonstrated on March 17.  These plans are based on the bar-magnet rotor version that Mylow showed spinning beginning April 29, 2009.

These plans also include information relevant to the most recent version Mylow has been showing in his instructional video series, commenced May 9. 

Download Mylow Magnet Motor Manual

About the Author

Sterling D. Allan has been in near daily phone contact with Mylow since March 17, 2009, when Mylow first posted a video showing his Howard Johnson magnet motor accelerating and then reaching equilibrium at a near constant speed. There has been only one other new acquaintance with whom Mylow has been speaking by phone – a person Sterling recommended to Mylow to answer and screen his avalanche of emails on his behalf.

Why I Believe(d) This was Real

On April 7, 2009, Sterling wrote:

In answer to those who have criticized me for selling plans (an adjunct to what is available for free from our open source pages) even before Mylow's motor has been replicated by someone else, here are the reasons why I believe this thing, starting with the most important to least.

  • I've long believed in the possibility of an all-magnet motor being able to provide base-load power. It is not perpetual motion. It is harnessing some new aspect of magnetism that hasn't yet been appreciated by science, but will.
  • Howard Johnson was required to have a working model in order to get a patent from USPTO. He has three patents.
  • Mylow's design is very close to Howard Johnson's Stonehenge model.
  • The myriad of videos Mylow posted are very convincing, showing acceleration followed by maintenance of an equilibrium speed, accompanied by very gradual slowing due to magnet depletion. Though not skeptic proof, the videos do reveal a lot and correlate with what Mylow has been telling us verbally.
  • The movement of the motor as shown in Mylow's videos is consistent with what I would expect from a magnet motor.
  • The audio elements in the videos are consistent with what is happening visually, and with what I've heard over the phone as we've talked.
  • The partial replications that I've seen, exhibit similar (though not complete) movement to what is shown in Mylow's videos.
  • Al Witherspoon said he saw Howard Johnson's motor running in 1978, and has been a friend/neighbors/business associate with HJ until he passed away last year. He is convinced Mylow's motor is for real.
  • The level of skill required to pull off a hoax are far beyond what Mylow possesses, whether it be embedding hidden motors or induction or video editing or other means of giving the appearance that shows up in his videos. The background, between the lines, things that I've been able to pick up while talking to Mylow by phone have been consistent with what he has been telling me. He lives in an apartment, drives truck hauling things around Chicago, works near his residence, has a wife and twin brother, etc. These are not aspects that would be present if he had the level of skill required to fake all of this. And what would be his motive? He's not ever asked for money.
  • Mylow has never once exhibited even the tiniest interest in getting money from this. It has been hard for me to even broach the subject with him. With many inventors, and certainly fraudsters, that's the first thing on their mind: money.
  • The magnets deplete (I'm hopeful that a configuration can be found that doesn't result in depletion, e.g. neodymium magnets in a plastic assembly)
  • The stator magnet gets cold, which is what others have predicted and observed in related modeling.
  • History often shows that the weak and simple confound the mighty. New wine can't be put into old bottles. The establishment is too stick on themselves. The recent MIB incident is part of this transition phenomenon -- the old guard fighting the new thing that will make them obsolete.
  • With the old guard in the middle of tearing down the economy to establish their world dictatorship, the timing is right for the emergence of a revolutionary, empowering technology like this.
  • More, this is a partial list.

I think that is a very good list of reasons to believe in Mylow's claims and support the open sourcing of this design, and prepare some clear plans for those who want things distilled better than what is available for free on our site.

Download Mylow Magnet Motor Manual


Version 1.1

Click here to download in Word | PDF

Password: mylow4me

Version 2.0

Click here to download in Word | PDF

Password: mylow4me

Version 2.1

Click here to download in Word | PDF

Password: mylow4me



High-Resolution versions of some of Mylow's videos are no longer available to download due to them being proven fakes.
Be sure to bookmark the landing page so y

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See also

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan April 4, 2009
Page last updated December 24, 2014

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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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